Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Introducing Kieran Tranter

First, I would like to extend many thanks to Peter Yu for his interesting posts and for instigating a great discussion.

It is now my pleasure to introduce Kieran Tranter who is a Senior Lecturer at Griffith Law School in Australia. Kieran worked in museums and poverty law practice, before beginning teaching at the College of Law, University of Notre Dame Australia as a Lecturer and Social Justice Coordinator. He has since moved to Griffith Law School, Gold Coast, Australia as a Senior Lecturer. He currently is managing editor of the Griffith Law Review: A Journal of Social and Critical Legal Studies and academic editor of the Social Security Reporter.

Kieran's current teaching areas are jurisprudence and law and culture. He has published on culture, law and technology and the legal history of the motor vehicle in Australian journals. In addition, Kieran has two articles on science fiction, technology and law, which are forthcoming in the journals of Law, Culture and the Humanities and Law and Literature in the United States. Finally, Kieran is completing two research projects funded by the Socio-Legal Research Centre at Griffith Law School. The first on culture, law and cloning/stem cells in Australia and the second on science fiction as popular jurisprudence. Welcome Kieran!


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